Sardar Patel Road Crossing, Civil lines, Prayagraj

Sardar Patel Road Crossing, Civil lines, prayagraj

This crossing is Sardar patel road crossing located at civil lines, prayagraj. 

This work of art is installed at Sardar Patel Marg cross road , Near Swami Vivekanand crossings.

It is developed by P.D.A ( Prayagraj
Development Authority) under the scheme of Beautification of crossings which was a project , under the Ardh Kumbh Mela Planning 2019.

There are 3 major banks ICICI , INDUSIND & HDFC near that crossing.
It has coachings for various competetive exams.


Yes it is Deep sea diver, you can see a pressure measuring scale on it’s body
to measure the exceeding pressure, as the diver goes deep in water.

Divers have light equipment’s like torch/ flashlight installed in the suit itself.

Old diving suits were made up of hard metals like copper /brass/ bronze , along with an air hose for breathing aid.

Sea divers carry oxygen gas cylinders along with them because there is no free oxygen in the sea water since the little dissolved oxygen present in water can’t be used for breathing by divers.

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Article by Harshit Jaiswal

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