Bhardwaj crossing of prayagraj – Allahabad

bhardwaj crossing or park is located near balson chauraha prayagrag I Allahabad


Information about the Sculpture : Statue Of BHARDWAJ

  • Its one of the most famous crossing of prayagraj.
  • This statue is a 30-foot-high marble statue of revered Vedic sage, Bhardwaj  Muni
  • This statue is inaugurated by President Ram Nath Kovind .
  •  This statue is from Indore made of cultured marble . It weights 12 tons.
  • For this statue a 12 feet high platform has been made.
  • The statue has been designed by artist Mahendra Kodwani of Indore.

About Bhardwaj park

  • Bhardwaj park near balson chauraha
  • Just behind the statue there is a small but beautifully maintained park that opens around 9:00 AM and has a ticket of Rs 10/-.
  • The park is also boasts of several fountains running in synchronization with each other along with its characteristic cascade fountain.
  • The park offers picturesque beauty with its array of vibrant and colourful flowers and trees.
  • There is a swing space for children as well.

Significance of the crossing

  • It is near to Bhardwaj Ashram.
  • It is the junction of 5 roads –
    – one goes to Sangam
    – another one goes to Allahapur
    – another goes to Medical Crossing
    – another goes to Civil Lines
    – and the last one goes to Bankroad
  • Monitored 24*7 on CCTV camera
  • Parvati hospital is nearest to the crossing.

Nearby Places to visit

  • Anand Bhawan
  • Swaraj Bhawan
  • Chandrashekhar Azad Park
  • Allahabad Museum
Nearby Places to visit

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Rohit Juyal
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