Are there any startups based in Prayagraj ?

Inspite of having many good colleges why there is no startup activity in Prayagraj

First of all it depends on what is one’s perception of startups, if someone says there is no startup activity, I would have to differ from him because there are many startups like food joints , hair salons, photo studio etc. which are doing quite well.

What I think from your reference to engineering colleges is that you are talking about tech startups in particular.

So here are four reason why we don’t see much startup in Prayagraj

1.) Security – The startup which I am considering is basically has to target students and young people as sole customers.

Due to rise in student wings of political parties (and several other reasons)this city has gone from once intellectual capital of country to city of hooligans, goons and vigilantes​.

2.) Lack of Risk taking approach to explore and try new things.

3.) Lack of volunteers – Students who are in higher grades don’t really look up to volunteering for startups which are working for betterment of their very own city.

4.) General attitude of public. – If you approach people to talk about your startup (if not accompanied with big truck, banner and deafening music) most of the times they will think you are some crook and are trying dupe them.


These are some reason but I am still hopeful, we got the best of talents here and beautiful artist and trust me together we can. Lets Startup Prayagraj.

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